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Therapy Services for
Private School Families

Children may need extra support beyond the classroom to help them learn, grow, and succeed.

Sending your child to a private school is an important decision. Private schools can offer students many experiences and advantages with positive returns.
Kids Can Do Children’s Therapy Center partners with select local private schools to offer in-school speech and occupational therapy to students who may benefit from these services.


Kids Can Do Private School Support

For more than 35 years, Kids Can Do Children’s Therapy Center has serviced families in the south suburbs. Our therapists are fully licensed and have additional experience and training in their areas of expertise. Kids Can Do’s private school therapy and support services include:

Speech therapy

to improve speech and language skills related to reading, communication and social interaction

Sensory integration therapy

to better manage sensory input from the environment and help support a student’s ability to be ready to learn 

Occupational therapy

to develop fine motor skills used in handwriting, drawing and computer access

Executive function coaching

to help students struggling with organization, completing tasks, managing belongs, maintaining focus and self control

Kids Can Do specialized therapists come to your school for individualized or small group therapy sessions before or during regular school hours. In-school sessions make therapy schedules convenient and accessible for families. 

How it works

Private school support services

When a student is recognized as possibly needing support services, an evaluation is given (with parent approval). The child’s doctor typically prescribes evaluations. Evaluations include background information, observation, and testing. If the evaluation determines therapy service is needed, our therapists develop an individualized plan of care for the student. The plan includes regularly scheduled in-school therapy sessions, typically 30 minutes each week. The plan may also include home and classroom strategies and activities. Kids Can Do’s whole-child approach to therapy includes open communication and a supportive, collaborative relationship between the therapist, family, and school.


Private School Therapy Cost

Parents are typically responsible for the cost of evaluation and therapy services. However, insurance often covers evaluations, speech, and occupational therapy when prescribed by a qualified medical professional. Kids Can Do will work with families to submit the required information to their insurance company of record. Kids Can Do offers direct payment plan options for families that will not be using insurance benefits.

If you would like to find out more about in-school student support services that may help your child reach their full potential, contact your school administrator or the clinic director at Kids Can Do Therapy Center, Erica Kluck,, 708-478-5400.

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