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Autism Services

Autism services can help children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) overcome developmental challenges, learn new skills, and improve their ability to play, socialize, achieve academically, and better manage their everyday lives.

All of our therapy services are designed for each child’s unique profile, challenges and needs.

Children in the autism spectrum often struggle with:

  • Communication

  • Social interaction

  • Sensory processing

They may also experience difficulties with:

  • Fine (small) muscle strength and coordination

  • Large (gross) muscle movement, posture and balance

These challenges often result in difficulties in understanding, learning, and navigating life.

Autism Services at Kids Can Do

Kids Can Do takes an individualized approach to helping children in the autism spectrum. We begin with understanding a child’s struggles and strengths and then design a personalized care plan. The plan of care typically includes one or more therapies delivered by a fully licensed pediatric therapist.

Depending on a child’s specific needs, therapists with additional special training and certification may also be involved with a child’s therapy. 

Our specialized pediatric therapists consult with each other to determine the most effective therapy strategy for treating the whole child.

Autism therapy in Mokena

Our Process

1. Evaluation
2. Goals and objectives
3. Strategy and process
4. Clinic therapy sessions
5. At-home follow up
6. Progress assessment

At Kids Can Do, therapy is designed to be fun and creative rather than rote and repetitive. We believe that when a child enjoys therapy, and is actively engaged and internally motivated, meaningful carryover and long-term success is greater.

Autism services costs are often covered by insurance when prescribed by a qualified medical professional.

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