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Kids Can Do Children’s Therapy Center offers free developmental screenings to preschools and daycare centers in our community.
Preschool screenings are important because they can detect delays in a child’s development early. Early detection can lead to getting important services children may need to help them succeed and reach their full potential.
Kids Can Do makes it easy and convenient for you to offer this valuable service.
  • Select a screening date

  • Distribute our screening sign-up sheet to families

  • Our team of fully-licensed therapists comes to you*

  • Screenings include completion of a brief (approx. 10 minute) developmental skills checklist

  • Family is informed if a child passed the screening - or if further evaluation (often covered by insurance) is warranted

Preschool teachers and daycare providers are often the first to recognize potential developmental concerns.

Kids Can Do screenings help you identify and communicate concerns to families so they can take the important next steps.

*If a child is unable to attend a screening, the family can contact Kids Can Do directly for a screening or information on requesting an evaluation.

Interested in scheduling a free screening?

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