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About Us

Since 1988, Kids Can Do has served families in the south suburbs.

Kids Can Do is a therapist-owned clinic specializing in pediatric therapy for children of all ages, infants through adolescents.

Services include therapy for feeding, sensory processing, autism and more.

Our Approach

Kids Can Do takes an individualized approach to therapy rather than a rote, repetitive drill. We believe treatment based on each child's unique personality and needs results in better long-term success. At Kids Can Do, children receive customized-to-their-needs therapy backed by:


Thorough, holistic assessment


Family education and involvement


Strategic team collaboration


Ongoing communication and evaluation

We believe a supportive, caring and collaborative relationship between therapist , family and other caregivers is critical to helping children flourish.

Kids Can Do Therapy Center

Mokena, IL

Our Therapists

Nearly half our staff has been part of Kids Can Do for 10+ years; bringing knowledge, expertise, and commitment to the services your family receives.

Qualified Therapists

All therapists are fully-licensed, not therapy assistants. Requiring high standards ensures therapy is continually monitored, evaluated, and adjusted – not routine and repetitive.


Team Collaboration

Long-tenured therapists partner with more recent graduates. Strategic teamwork creates the perfect blend of proven skill and experience with current research and fresh approaches.

Continuous Education

Continuous professional education for all therapists. Ongoing learning results in therapy backed by reputable, evidence-based theory and leading-edge practices.

Understanding and treating the whole child.

Kids Can Do therapists are certified and trained in specific therapies and consult and collaborate collectively. This cross-disciplinary approach leads to faster progress and long-term success.

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