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Kids Can Do Children’s Therapy Center offers post-concussion evaluations from specially trained physical therapists.  
  • Evaluations last approximately one hour and may be covered by insurance
  • The therapist will discuss with you how the injury occurred, symptoms and behaviors your child may be experiencing

  • Your child will be tested to assess pain, range of motion, balance, motor skills, coordination, cognitive function and visual ability  

Along with the initial evaluation, as part of the Concussion Care program, the therapist will provide families support and information about:
  • What to expect as your child recovers from a concussion
  • What to monitor for during the concussion healing process
  • How to gradually and safely return to normal activities
  • What are signs that further evaluation and treatment may be needed
  • Any additional concerns you may have and recommend additional educational resources
Long-lasting symptoms

Kids Can Do also offers therapy treatment for post-concussion symptoms lasting beyond the typical 2-4 weeks of recovery time and concerns with:

  • Neck pain

  • Motor skills

  • Balance and coordination concerns

  • Difficulty with academic skills, cognitive thinking

  • Blurred vision, double vision, light sensitivity

  • Changes in mood, behavior, sleep habits

  • Sensory sensitivities

​Post-concussion therapy services can help children heal better and improve their outcomes from concussions.

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