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Mommy and Me
Feeding and Pre-Speech Skills

For babies up to 9 months of age

Join us on October 5th at 9:00 am


This 45-minute Mommy and Me class will explore the following areas: 

Seating - learn optimal seating positions for the first year of feeding

Stages -  explore your baby's readiness for each stage of feeding development

Skills - learn strategies for cup drinking, spoon feeding, straw drinking, and self-feeding

Foods - identify appropriate foods to trial at different stages


One or both parents will be led through a combination of short presentations targeting each area. You will then be given opportunities to practice these skills with your child in a playful, fun atmosphere.  Two licensed speech-language pathologists will lead the class. 

  • All children and parents are welcome, whether you have concerns or just want to learn new ways to help your child.  

  • Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to have fun with your child.   

  • Bring a spoon, cup, and straw.  

  • $10 per family.  

To sign up, please call Kids Can Do at 708-478-5400.






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