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Pelvic Floor Therapy for Children
Occasional toileting accidents are a normal part of a young child’s development, but when incontinence concerns are frequent and the associated symptoms are problematic, as in any of the below, your child may have a need for pelvic floor therapy*:
  • Chronic constipation

  • Voiding dysfunction

  • Persistent bedwetting

  • Increased urinary urgency 

  • Pelvic pain and discomfort

  • Withholding of urine or feces

  • Daytime urinary incontinence

  • Frequent urinary tract infections

Pelvic floor muscles provide the ability to control the release of urine and feces, including delaying emptying until it is convenient and appropriate. Pediatric Pelvic floor therapy is a treatment approach that uses physical therapy to help children develop and improve the strength, function and coordination of pelvic floor muscles and other related muscles.

Kids Can Do Pediatric Pelvic Floor Health Program

Our physical therapists have special training to work with children on:   
  • Strengthening and coordination of pelvic floor muscles, abdominal, hip, and other core muscles

  • Improving posture for optimal bowel and bladder control

  • Activities to increase overall body awareness

  • Breathing strategies and techniques

In addition to muscle training and development, the Kids Can Do Pediatric Pelvic Floor Health program includes education and support for families.
  • Understanding body anatomy and function         

  • Behavior modification to prevent withholding, or to increase the time periods for holding urine  

  • Diet, fluid and fiber intake recommendations

The right Pelvic Floor Health program helps children better manage bladder and bowel challenges, easing related symptoms, so they can participate in and enjoy more daily activities.

*Prescribed by a qualified medical professional, pelvic floor therapy is often covered by insurance.

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