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Kids Can Do Feeding Therapy
Problem Feeders and Picky Eaters
Children with feeding difficulties commonly referred to as problem feeders or picky eaters, typically have nutritional deficiencies, minimal to no weight gain, poor growth, and mealtime anxiety. 

With the right feeding therapy program, families can better recognize and meet their child’s feeding challenges, leading to healthier lives and futures.

  • Reach and maintain age-appropriate weight and height

  • Expand food choices for a healthy, well-balanced diet

  • Increase food quantity and quality, leading to better nutrition

  • Reduce eating stress and anxiety, making mealtime more enjoyable

Kids Can Do Therapy Center’s specially trained speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists treat children (infants to teens) with feeding difficulties associated with tethered oral tissue (TOTs), oral motor skills, sensory processing difficulties, and other conditions. Pediatric therapists draw from acclaimed, accredited feeding strategies and programs.


Kids Can Do’s Nourish feeding therapy program takes a developmental/child-led approach to feeding, leading to more positive and successful eating experiences for children and their families. Families actively participate in their child’s feeding therapy and receive helpful at-home plans and ideas.

Feeding therapy programs for families
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Helping children with eating difficulties learn to eat and learn to eat better

Feeding consultations, evaluations, and therapy services are often covered by insurance.


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