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Birth-2 months
  • Raises head slightly off floor or bed when on stomach

  • Holds head up momentarily when supported

  • Alternates kicking legs when on back

  • Arm thrusts in play


3-5 months
  • Lifts head and chest when on stomach (props on forearms)

  • Head control improving

  • Some head bobbing in supported sitting

  • Rolls from side to side

  • Rolls from stomach to back

  • Sits briefly with arm support

  • Random batting at objects

  • Hands to midline

  • Makes crawling movements


6-8 months
  • Reaches to objects on stomach

  • Pivots around when on stomach

  • Pulls self forward on stomach

  • Rolls from back to stomach

  • Sits alone briefly

  • Assumes quadraped and rocks

  • Moves from sitting to lying on stomach

  • Stands with support


9-11 months
  • Sits alone with trunk rotation

  • Pivots and scoots in sitting

  • Creeps or crawls

  • Pulls to stand

  • Cruises

  • Stands alone momentarily


12-15 months
  • Assumes tall kneeling

  • Walks on knees

  • Walks independently without support

  • Able to stand without support

  • Creeps up stairs

  • Able to start, stop and turn without falling while walking

  • Crawls up on chairs or other furniture

  • Runs


16-18 months
  • Walks up one step at a time with hand held or railing

  • Creeps down stairs

  • Walks with heel-toe pattern, seldom falls

  • Walks sideways and backwards

  • Run stiffly

  • Stands on one foot with help

  • Kicks large ball forward after demonstration

  • Manages riding toys

  • Good balance and coordination


19-24 months
  • Walks down one step at a time with rail or hand holding

  • Squats in play and stands back up

  • Jumps in place

  • Kicks a stationary ball

  • Jumps off 12 inch box with 1 foot leading

  • walks on balance beam with 1 foot on/ 1 foot off


24-29 months
  • stands on balance beam alone

  • walks up stairs one step at a time with no railing

  • runs well

  • briefly stands on one foot

  • jumps from one step with feet together

  • throws ball overhead

  • climbs on play equipment-ladders, slides, etc.


2-3 years
  • walks down stairs step by step without railing

  • balances on one foot 2-3 seconds

  • jumps forward at least one foot

  • walks on tip toe when asked


3-4 years
  • catches a bounced ball

  • rides a tricycle

  • hop on one foot 2-5 times

  • balances on one foot 2-5 seconds

  • consecutive jumping

  • walks up stairs step over step alone


4-5 years
  • balances on one foot 4-8 seconds

  • walks down stairs step over step alone

  • kicks a rolling ball

  • catches large and small ball with outstretched arms

  • throws a small ball overhand


5-6 years
  • balances on one foot 10 seconds

  • rides a bike with or without training wheels

  • begins to jump rope

  • hops on one foot ten times

  • catches bounced or thrown ball with hands

  • swings on swing, pumping by self

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