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Birth-3 months
  • Hands are in a fist, thumbs are tucked in

  • Baby’s arms move randomly in asymmetric patterns

  • Watches movements of her hands and can bring the hand to her mouth

  • Swings at a target using her entire arm

  • Follows a moving person with his eyes

  • Holds objects in hands without dropping

3-6 months
  • Picks up objects with one hand

  • Transfers objects from one hand to another

  • Looks at objects a few feet away

  • Holds hands together

  • Reaches for a toy using both arms and holds it briefly

6-9 months
  • Rakes tiny objects with fingers

  • Uses thumb and fingertips to grasp objects

  • Uses thumb and side of index finger to grip objects

  • Holds 2 objects, one in each hand, at the same time

  • Uses 2 hands to pick up large objects


9-12 months
  • Puts small objects in cup or other container

  • Turns book pages a few at a time

  • Attempts to imitate new gestures

  • Pokes and points at things using index finger

  • Grabs crayons in fist

  • Uses both hands and begins to show preference for one


12-18 months
  • Builds tower of 2 or more blocks

  • Marks with crayon or pencil

  • Marks a piece of paper with a crayon and scribbles imitatively

  • Stacks 2-3 cubes

  • Can hold an object with one hand and manipulate it with the other hand


18-24 months
  • Starts using fingers and thumb to grasp crayons

  • Imitates vertical and circular scribbles

  • Turns pages of a book one at a time

  • Strings 1 inch beads

  • Builds tower with 3-5 blocks


2 years

  • Removes screw-on lid from bottle

  • Stacks 8-10 cubes

  • Strings 2-4 beads

  • Copies circle

3-4 years
  • Cuts across paper with small scissors

  • Draws or copies a complete circle

  • Unbuttons 3 buttons


4-5 years
  • Prints first name 

  • Draws a person that has at least 3 parts- head, eyes, nose, etc.

  • Draws recognizable pictures

  • Buttons and unbuttons 1 button

  • Grasps marker between thumb and pad of index finger

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