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Infants and toddlers with a disability or delay that hinders them from reaching significant developmental milestones can benefit from an early intervention program.

The right early intervention program helps children (birth – age 3) develop skills expected for their age, and helps them better understand and manage their environment.

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A private therapy center early intervention program may be the best option for families. Choosing a private therapy center offers the advantages of: 
  • Prompt evaluation followed by a timely start of services

  • On-site team enables easy, coordinated communication with therapists

  • Convenience of multiple therapy services scheduled on the same day 

  • Special play spaces and child-friendly therapy rooms readily available

  • Wide variety of therapeutic equipment and learning-focused tools

Families can receive valuable services and support for infants and toddlers who may not qualify for public services.

Early intervention options for family

Kids Can Do offers private therapy center early intervention programs. Our family-focused programs include prescribed therapy services from fully licensed pediatric therapists.

For many infants and toddlers, integrating multiple therapy services is the most successful strategy.

Our Choices early intervention program begins with an evaluation followed by important therapy services that help children learn and grow during the first three years.

The initial early intervention evaluation as well as prescribed therapy services are often covered by insurance.

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