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Our mission is to enrich the lives of children and their families through an interdisciplinary approach that blends the art and science of therapy.

Our Core Values

Family – We believe family is the foundation of Kids Can Do. The Kids Can Do family encompasses our staff, their families, and the families we serve.

Compassion – Through kindness and empathy, we strive to extend grace to those around us, creating an uplifting environment.

Teamwork – We build strong connections by being respectful, flexible, and considerate of others.  At Kids Can Do, we are better together.

Excellence – We are committed to continuing education, mentoring, and personal and professional growth. We are each uniquely qualified to provide the highest quality of care and customer service in every area of the patient experience.  

Integrity – We want Kids Can Do to be a safe place where reliability, accountability, and honesty are essential to everything we do.

Fun – We embrace an environment where work is fun, creativity and playfulness are encouraged, and the kids inspire us to celebrate ALL that KIDS CAN DO.

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