Cleaning and Safety Guidelines During COVID-19

  1. All employees and adults entering the building will be required to wear masks.  Children able to tolerate masks are encouraged to wear them.

  2. Therapists will pick up clients from car and accompany them into the treatment area.  Therapists will walk patients to their vehicle at the conclusion of the treatment session. Parents who must accompany their children into therapy may do so and remain inside the therapy room.  Conversations with caregivers before and after sessions should be kept to a minimum.

  3. Siblings are allowed in treatment sessions if able to remain seated with the caregiver.

  4. Everyone entering the clinic will be screened for symptoms of illness including temperature before entering treatment areas.  No one with symptoms of illness will be allowed to remain in the building.

  5. The waiting room will remain closed.

  6. All staff, children, and caregivers are to wash their hands before and following each treatment session.

  7. Therapy sessions will take place in a closed therapy room whenever possible. Multiple sessions will be permitted in large areas where social distancing is possible and will be maintained.   

  8. All surfaces, toys, and equipment used during therapy are to be cleaned with a disinfectant following each treatment session.  Only toys and equipment that can be disinfected will be used during treatment sessions.

  9. In all staff and public areas, frequently-touched surfaces will be disinfected daily.

  10. Waiting room and staff office doors will be held open to minimize the need to touch common surfaces.

  11. Deep cleaning will take place weekly including cleaning and disinfecting floors, telephones, and kitchen.  

  12. In the case that a family member, patient, or staff member is experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, CDC and IDPH recommendations will be followed.  

  13.  In certain situations, and with parent permission, children will be allowed to participate in small groups. Our staff will enforce social distancing guidelines, and participants will be required to wear masks. 

  14. These guidelines will be updated according to local and state public health recommendations.