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Getting Started

How Do I Get Started?

Give us a call at (708) 478-5400 to schedule an evaluation, therapy, or a tour of our facility. We will work together to schedule a time that works best for your child. We will gladly answer any questions regarding services.

What Should I Bring To My First Visit?

To ensure a smooth visit, we recommend that you complete the New Patient Packet before arriving for your appointment.  In addition, bring your insurance card, child’s prescription for services (from your physician), and any documentation that may be helpful for the evaluating therapist to review.  If required by your insurance, you may need an authorization or referral.

Please complete our new patient packet below and bring to your first appointment:     


Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software already available on most computers, If you do not have Reader a free download is available. Go to to download.

What Should I Expect During My First Visit?

You will be welcomed into our child-friendly, handicap-accessible waiting room.  Upon arrival, our receptionist will collect necessary information including the new patient packet, prescription for services, and your insurance card.   If you did not complete the new patient packet, it will be provided to you at this time.   Your therapist will introduce herself and walk with you to the evaluation room.  In most cases, the parent accompanies their child during the assessment in order to provide information to the therapist.  In addition, the therapist will answer any questions you may have regarding the evaluation or treatment.  The therapist will discuss your concerns, observe your child, and complete any appropriate testing.  At the end of the visit, the therapist will give you her impressions, discuss if treatment is recommended, and discuss plan of care.  Most initial evaluations last between 45-60 minutes.  You will receive a completed evaluation report approximately 2 weeks following your appointment. 

Will you bill my insurance?

As a courtesy, we will gladly submit to any insurance company on file. Patient balances will vary depending on each individual’s benefit plan. If you choose not to utilize your insurance, or do not have insurance coverage, please inquire about our options, including an administrative discount for payment made at time of service.

Is it necessary to verify benefits before beginning treatment?

It is always a good idea for each family to contact their insurance company independently to become familiar with their coverage and/or therapy limitations. Please note: the insurance company will always state that a quote of benefits is not a guarantee of payment. All payments are based on a person's specific policy.


Why do we ask for your insurance information during the intake process?

It is our policy to have knowledge of your benefits before services begin. Therefore, we can work with each family and/or their insurance company to minimize patient balances.

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