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3 to 4 years can be a great age to determine if children have reached age-appropriate developmental milestones or have delays in:
Speech and Language: Communication used to express thoughts, understand questions and directions.
Fine Motor: Small muscles movements including those in hands, fingers, and wrists.
Gross Motor: Large muscle movements used in running, jumping, and hopping.

If a developmental delay is suspected, an in-depth evaluation prescribed by a qualified medical professional and conducted by a fully licensed therapist is warranted. 


Once the evaluation is complete, and if a delay is determined, a therapist will recommend a strategy and support plan for the child and the family. Therapy services in the plan may include

A combination of therapy services may be the best plan for some children.

Kids Can Do Children’s Therapy Center offers evaluations, consultations, and developmental therapy services designed for 3-to 4 year-olds. 


The initial evaluation, as well as prescribed therapy services, are often covered by insurance.


Our 3 4 Go! Off to the Right Start program begins with early detection that can lead to important services children may need to help them succeed at home, school and beyond.

Off to the Right Start
3 4 Go!
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